Lulu Books

Lulu Books is a service that allows you to self-publish books in a variety of formats. The big social vision of Lulu is to help authors circumvent the commercial publishing world.  Authors who have self-published through Lulu have their works uploaded into the Lulu catalogue and anyone can order a copy.  The purchaser can choose from a variety of binding options that affect the final price. 

For the small cultural heritage organization, Lulu offers many opportunities.  One is to remove the onerous costs of publishing catalogues.  If you have a PDF version of your catalogue, upload it to Lulu.  Then direct your members (via your website, of course) to the correct item on Lulu and let them order from there.  This saves you the cost of printing 1,000 copies up front and the uncertainty of storing them or not selling enough to recoup costs.

Bring old books back to life!  Lulu also offers a service of scanning and re-printing vintage books.  (See  You or your members may want to reprint old catalogues, yearbooks, scrapbooks, or genealogies you hold in your collection; this is an easy and (relatively) inexpensive resource for doing so. 

Lulu publishes many other types of products, including calendars, brochures, manuals, photobooks, CD and DVDs, and comic books.  Lulu also offers to do the design and layout of your text.  These more traditional printing-company services are not free, but they are competitively priced and have the convenience of being transacted through the web.


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