The Value of Twitter for Cultural Heritage Organizations

For small cultural heritage organizations that use the Public Humanities Toolbox, this blog post on the uses of Twitter for cultural heritage is a must read! Melissa Mannon outlines six reasons how small museum and cultural heritage organization professionals can use Twitter:

  1. Networking: Stay in touch with other professionals in the field
  2. Expanded Perspective: Follow professionals in closely related fields whose insights can inform your own work
  3. Support: Share ideas, promote each other’s programs and exhibits
  4. Piece of the Social Media Puzzle: Share information quickly and easily, linking to other places where folks can find out more: blogs, Facebook pages, web sites
  5. Promotion: Get the word out there, establish the voice of your institution!
  6. Collaboration: Ask your followers for help when you need advice, recommendations, or find yourself at a road block with your project

We’ve covered similar themes in the Handbook and at our presentations; we’re glad to see like-minded folks out there sharing the same insights and finding Twitter useful in their public humanities work!

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One Response to The Value of Twitter for Cultural Heritage Organizations

  1. Gina Trump says:

    I joined twitter because I wanted to put little updates on my website without having to start a blog (which I recently started anyway.)

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