JNBC Presentation Now Available

Al and I would like to thank our audience at today’s presentation in Providence.  Our lively group of participants braved rainstorms and vigilant parking officers in order to learn and share their ideas about how to create engaging websites and digital projects for small cultural heritage organizations.

The presentation we gave is embedded below.  Soon on this site we will follow up with information about Vimeo, which came up several times during the workshop, and how to “register” your site with Google Maps.  As you develop projects, let us know so we can blog about theme here. If you need more consultancy time with either Al or me, let us know so we can help you plan your next steps.

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3 Responses to JNBC Presentation Now Available

  1. Tree says:

    Hi Leah,

    This workshop was one of the best I’ve ever attended. The take-home materials and your webpage will, I’m sure, make the next steps a breeze.

    I’m hoping you can send me the link to the example site you (or Al) used for automating WordPress journal entries from the diaries we have in our collection.

    Much obliged,


    • Leah says:

      Hi Tree, I’m glad the materials are inspiring you and please keep us posted on what projects you embark upon using the Toolbox!

      I think the project that you’re referring to is the Orwell Diaries (http://orwelldiaries.wordpress.com/). To replicate this idea, you would need to create individual posts for each diary/journal entry that you want to publish, and then set the “publication date” to go live when you wish. (The Orwell Diaries project “publishes” the diary entries on the same Month-Day date that Orwell wrote his diaries between 1938 and 1942. To learn more about that, read the About page of the Orwell Diaries project.) Conceivably, you could write up all the diary entries that you wanted to publish over time and, by setting when you want them to publish, automate the publication (rather than logging in each day, typing up a post, and “publishing” it).

      I hope these instructions make sense. If you would like to set up a time to walk you through the steps I’ve described, let me know. Al and I are curious about using a service like GoToMeeting to do a virtual consultation, if you would ever want to be a guinea pig!


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