What’s a Catablog and What Can It Do For You?

New Tools

I’ve just added a new page to the Other Tools section about catablogs. Catablog, as the name suggests, combine catalogues with blogging software. Here’s a short but comprehensive description from ArchivesNext:

A catablog is a site created with blogging software that provides short descriptions of collections via blog posts. These posts can be easily tagged, categorized and updated, and can contain image and media files.

Learn all about catablogs, as well as where to find a plug-in for WordPress, on the Catablogs page.  There we describe how catablogs work, where you can find examples, and suggest possible approaches for small organizations. We also suggest how this tool would be especially useful for organizations that serve–or want to serve–an active community of genealogists.

We plan to talk about catablogs in our upcoming workshop in Providence on October 1. We are very curious to hear about your experiments with catablogs and eager to help you plan and set up a catablog. Please contact us to let us know if you would like further help or to tell us about your successes!

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