What to Look Forward to on October 1

Al and I will be presenting a workshop on the Public Humanities Toolbox on Friday, October 1 from 9 am to 12 pm. The workshop will be at the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities at Brown University; you can register here.

Al and I are planning a few updates to the presentation and to the Toolbox in anticipation of our next workshop. October’s presentation will definitely include new sections on mobile apps and how to use RSS feeds. We’ll also update both the presentation and the Handbook to reflect changes in how organizations sign up for and can use Facebook. We also hope to address Catablogs, a method for using blogging software to build and maintain public catalogues of collections.

New Tools

As we develop new parts of the Toolbox, we will add them to the website. Look for the New Tools icon at right in future posts and pages in this site to see where we have added new or updated information on digital tools.

As always, after the workshop, we will also post the session’s Power Point presentation. Be sure to check back often to keep up-to-date on great new tools, examples and ideas for creating a dynamic website or other digital project for your small cultural heritage organization!

We’re really excited to refresh the Toolbox with many of the new methods and tools in the digital humanities field. We are also looking forward to meeting new people and advising folks on how to build websites and plan other digital projects using the Toolbox method and tools. This fall’s workshop will include time to outline a digital project, choose the appropriate tools and create an action plan for your organization. Come with ideas!

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