UMASS Boston Presentation Now Available

Recently Al and I were generously invited to be guests in Jane Becker’s public history seminar at UMASS Boston.  The students were great: funny, thoughtful, and receptive.  Since it’s been almost a year since I finished graduate school, it was great to be back in a formal academic environment to talk about big picture ideas about what digital tools can do for history organizations and projects.

Sorry for the delay in adding the presentation.  Below I’ve embedded the presentation Al and I went through.  It’s a slight variation on the short version of introducing the Toolbox, with a few extra slides to provoke discussion at the end.  Al and I decided to present the Toolbox as a way to spark a broader discussion of why institutions (large and small) should embark on digital projects, and what types of interesting projects we’ve come across.  Al and I also got to talk a little about the digital projects we’ve worked on since we developed the Toolbox: an Omeka-based database for me at the American Social History Project and Al’s interest in mobile technology and historic sites.

I heartily invite students in the class to follow up with us if they want to know more or if they need help planning how to use the methods we outline in the Public Humanities Toolbox in their future projects, internships, or careers.

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