Chicago Historical Society Blog

Though the size and scale of the Chicago Historical Society is far greater than many of the organizations we’ve pitched the Public Humanities Toolbox to, their blog is very much in keeping with the type of project any historical organization could produce.  Here’s a description (emphasis added) from the Internet Scout Report:

The Chicago History Museum has mounted a number of popular initiatives and exhibitions in the past several years, and their new blog is something that historians, young people, and anyone with an interest in Chicago will want to check out. While the site is organized like a traditional blog, each entry contains interesting insights into Museum’s holdings, along with commentaries on the city’s cultural, social, and historical landscape. The posts are written by Museum staff members, and from time to time, there will be guest bloggers with a special insight into some subject. Recent posts have included information about tamale vendors in the city, the history of Chinatown, and the refitting of 19th century socialite Bertha Palmer’s elaborate gown from 1892. Visitors can browse through previous posts by category (which include “Film” and “Multimedia”) and also look at their Web 2.0 features, which include YouTube videos, Flickr photo galleries, and so on.

We’re particularly impressed with how the Chicago Historical Society uses its blog to probe its collections further, give members and visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the institution, and share little known facts and often playful insights into the city’s history.

The Internet Scout Report, based at the University of Wisconsin, is a weekly list of innovative and excellent internet projects for academics and librarians to keep their tabs on.

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