Mass Humanities Presentation Available

Thanks to our very enthusiastic audience at the Mass Humanities Conference session on June 8.  Below you’ll find the Power Point presentation that Al and I gave.  You can follow the link below (“View this document on Scribd”) to download, print, or comment on the presentation.   The handbook and other materials are all available under the Workshop Materials tab

In the next several days we’ll be following up the questions you asked with posts on this blog.  Several of you mentioned marketing as a concern.  If you continue reading the blog posts, you’ll find a short presentation I gave at the RICH Skill Share workshop series on applications from the Toolbox that can be used for marketing.  

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One Response to Mass Humanities Presentation Available

  1. Holly Larner says:

    Thank you very much for the rich presentation of Humanities tools. I am helping with Concord’s Historic Issues Breakfasts Meetings and wonder what chance there may be to get you to make a very short introduction to your Public Humaniteis Toolbox brochure in October here in Concord, MA. It would be an opportunity for many in Concord’s Historic Collaborative and others locally involved in small museum and historic houses to learn ways to share and build their resources.

    Please let me know if this is something you might consider.


    Holly Larner

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